The Centre for the Cooperation in the Mediterranean of the Spanish Red Cross, together with the Red Cross Society of Bosnia and Herzegovina will organize the 2nd Red Cross and Red Crescent Mediterranean Youth Meeting, with the aim of providing a platform for open participation and discussion on the humanitarian priorities of the region. The meeting will be held in Sarajevo (Bosnia-Herzegovina), prior to the Mediterranean Conference, from the 30th March to the 2nd April 2019, and it is addressed to Red Cross and Red Crescent Youth Leaders and Coordinators at Mediterranean level.

Young people currently represent about one third of the world population and if, on the one side, they may be influenced by global trends, on the other side, they have the possibility of influencing future trends, hence having a unique opportunity in their capacity of shaping the world they want.

General Objective:

To provide a platform for Youth Leaders and Coordinators to share views and opinions on the humanitarian challenges of the region. Furthermore, it wishes to continue fostering the development of joint humanitarian initiatives in the Mediterranean.