Meeting information

All the sessions of the 12th Mediterranean Conference and of the Youth Meeting will be held at the Kursaal Congress Centre - V.le J.F. Kennedy, 17 – San Marino. Detailed information on the specific rooms of each session will soon be provided.

The sessions of the Meeting of the Platform on Migration will be held in the Conference Room of the Grand Hotel San Marino - Viale Antonio Onofri, 31- San Marino.

Kursaal Congress Centre

The Kursaal Congress Centre is an elegant building, the flagship centre of the Republic. It is located in a privileged position thanks to its proximity to the Old Town centre. It has a large parking area and an enchanting view of the Romagna-Marche inland. It has been recently renovated and it offers a complete range of services for Conventions that are highly qualified and technologically advanced and in line with International protocols.

Specific attention has been paid to the system and technology sector which are always in fast and continuous evolution. The audio-video and translation systems are connected and operate simultaneously thanks to a high performance internet connection. The conference rooms have been laid and furnished in marble from Carrara and cherry wood. They are structured to allow flexibility according to the needs of the conference, workshop or exhibition.

Working Languages

The working languages for the Mediterranean Conference will be English, French, Spanish and Arabic. Simultaneous translation will be provided for the entire duration of the meeting.
The working language for the Meeting of the Platform on Migration will be English. Upon participants requests translation may be provided into other languages.
The working language for the Youth Meeting will be English.